Big Island Oldes
Hilo, Hawaii

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All of our dogs are registered with the IOEBA
Aloha and welcome to Big Island Oldes. We are not a kennel, but we do breed as a hobby. We are located in Mountain View on the Big Island of Hawaii. 

 In 2005, we got our first Olde English Bulldogge and absolutely love this breed and now have 5 generations of Oldes. Our Oldes are from the hermes and gorgyle line. 

 We are fortunate to have the first black tri male (ACE) born in hawaii. He has been proven and in each of his liters produced tri color pups. His first black tri son is(KING)  and his second son is (JACK)We also have a blu-tri adult male (BUTCUS), red nose and green eyed adult male (GOLIATHE) and female (COCO), chocolate tri female pup (Queen) and a sable tri male pup.

 Our oldes have good temperment, are very healthy and good with children. We have no more than two liters per year to ensure that every puppy gets the love, attention and socialization they need to become loving and happy adult dogs.